Family Based Immigration

Many people do not realize that they may qualify for immigration benefits, however, if they just spoke with an attorney they might discover how. If you have a United States Citizen Spouse, Legal Permanent Resident Spouse, United States Citizen Parent, A Legal Permanent resident Parent, A United States Citizen Child (over 21 years old) or a United States Citizen Sibling (over 21 years old) then you might just qualify for an immigration status for yourself or your family member.

Employment Based Immigration

If you are interested in either sponsoring a foreign person to work for you, or if you are a current student or H1B visa holder, you should speak with an attorney to discuss the multitude of legal options that you may qualify for.

Self Sponsoring Immigration

Dont have any family member that may sponsor you? You may still qualify for immigration benefits under SIJS, U Visa, VAWA, NACARA, ASYLUM or many other methods. Speak with an attorney today to review your options.

What we do.

The Law Office of Judith C Garcia will take the time to sit with you and discuss all of your past and present so that we may then analyze and determine what your next steps should be regarding your immigration goals.

Some people can apply immediatelty for a legal immigration benefit, others may have to proceed with several preliminary steps so that they too may qualify for a legal immigraiton benefit, yet others should likely need to wait for certain future benefits BUT they should take certain precautions and preparation for these beneifts.

Once you have had your consultation, you will be prepared with a personal plan from the Law Office of Judith C Garcia so that you may either begin your case with our firm or prepare to begin your case elsewhere (although you will likely stay with us as most people that come to see us decide to do.) If you should have follow up questions you can always call thereafter and speak with us.



Next Steps…

Once you have started with the Law Office of Judith C Garcia we are confident that you will be glad that you decided to work with us. We would be happy to have you call us to schedule a consultation with us at 631-864-2443 or you may email us at judith.garcia@jgarciaesq.com .