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Judith Garcia graduated from New York university Stern School of Business with a baccalaureate in Management and Marketing, thereafter she graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1995. Judith has been practicing law since 1996.

The law firm works with people from all over the world with clients as close as Long Island, NYC and Connecticut, to clients as far away as Africa, Europe, Central and South America and Asia. Of-course if you are on Long Island, Connecticut and NYC we would love to see you in person and encourage you to do so, but if you are farther away we will work with you via telephone, email, fax and regular mail as we have thankfully had the pleasure of doing for now proverbially countless clients. It is our pleasure to be able to speak with you regarding your immigration needs.

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Call The Law Office Of Judith C. Garcia and begin your process with a group of people that will love to work with you and that you will hopefully find a pleasure to work with as well as have the great majority of our clients. Call us now at 631-864-2443

Our Approach

The Law Office Of Judith C. Garcia is here to work with you for your immigration needs, whether you are a United States Citizen looking to sponsor your family member, or you are the head of Human Resources for a not for profit or for profit company, we are here for you.

At our Law Firm we treat everyone like a member of the family. We will work hard for you and explain every part of the process for you so that you understand your case.

You can call us at 631-864-2443